understanding the property industry
valuing Quality and Reliability


The best work needs experience. Our team of professional project managers, construction managers, supervisors and skilled trades, has been together since 1998 working hard to meet the needs of property owners, tenants and management professionals in the property industry.

We have the workforce to deliver the high standard of work that you expect from a project. ICS Australia can provide a range of building services

  • Interior Fitout 
  • Commercial Construction
  • Building Refurbishment 
  • Base Build and Lessor Works


We will manage your project with the reliability of a motivated and skilled work force.  The best projects need even better project management. Our staff have extensive trade knowledge, broad experience and a firm commitment to problem resolution. We have the right people in our company to make your project work.

An eye on the future

Our goal is continuous improvement in our systems and processes and the implementation of innovation in our projects. We believe that we can always do more for our clients.

ICS Australia works hard to deliver the best product with the best customer experience.
To find out more about ICS Australia, contact us today.


  • Hawaiian
  • Harvey Norman
  • Woodvale
  • Public Transport Authority
  • Blue Water Grille
  • Saracen Estate
  • Goodman
  • Lion Nathan
  • Total GP
  • Toll
  • Schwarzkopf
  • Knight Frank
  • Colonial Brewings
  • Sail Anchor
  • Perron Group
  • Lease Eq
  • DTZ
  • ICWA
  • ECU
  • Aroma Cafe